September 15, 2009

Will and Melissa {Engagement}

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They were both living in Lawrence, Kansas–he was going to KU and it was her hometown. After seeing each other out at bars and clubs 6 times– all of which Will approached Melissa and she didn’t remember his name– it was on the 7th time at a KU hockey game (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!) that she did remember him. So Will took this opportunity to finally ask her out and that night they shared their first kiss. Their first date was to a costume party where they dressed up as Dharma and Greg, and they wore rings…we might as well say the rest was history. Will had always wanted to go to California and after 5 months of dating he asked her to go with him, and she said yes. She was in LOVE.

I can’t tell you how much fun we had shooting Will and Melissa. They are such a fun and amazing couple and David and I are so happy that we have gotten to know them better. They are so photogenic, BEAUTIFUL and natural to shoot they made my job easy! Will and Mellissa, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in Kansas City next June!!!
(A few of the shots below were taken by my awesome second shooter and husband, just wanted to give you a shout out David!)



Click Here for a Slideshow from the Shoot!

Is it just me, or should these 2 be in a Ray-Ban ad?

Is it just me, or should these 2 be in a Ray-Ban ad?

How beautiful is she?!?

How beautiful is she?!?

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  1. Jenn says:

    These images are amazing! Your use of color and light is wonderful. And the props in some of the pictures add that much more to the overall effect. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

    Love always,

  2. Melissa Carpenter says:

    Oh my gosh Colby! They are incredible, Thank you so so so much to the both of you for these beautiful pictures. I’m such a lucky girl that I have already booked you for June 12th, I have a feeling advanced booking is going to be a must. Thanks again!

  3. David says:

    My wife lies… She is the talent, I just hand her stuff when she needs it. Except for the close-up train photo with the background blurred… that I am extremely proud of!

  4. Christina says:

    Amazing! So creative!!! I can’t wait until we are in the same state so you can take pics of my fam!!!!

  5. Steph Miller says:

    These are beautiful!!! They are all so different and amazing!!!

  6. Billye Whitaker says:

    Good night!!! These take your breath away – I’m not sure if it’s because they’re so beautiful or the photography is so incredible – maybe both? Great job to all four of you! We’ll see you at the wedding!!! Aunt “B”

  7. Unka Jim says:

    you guys are SMOKIN’!!!! But neither one of you can play gin…(but I love ya both…) (from Aunt B… he hasn’t seen Melissa play yet, has he???? ) Maybe at the wedding? Ha!

    We BOTH loved the pictures

  8. Karen Fredericks says:

    Just watched the slide show – That’s my favorite way to see them!!!!

  9. […] we headed down to the train depot in San Juan Capistrano, you might notice this location from an engagement shoot I did last Fall. We had a ton of fun and lots of laughs. Presenting the Sheets (and Jimenez) […]

  10. […] friends, Will and Melissa, that took place in Kansas at the Deer Creek Golf Club. Ever since their engagement shoot last September, David and I have really gotten to know this couple and they have become very close […]



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