February 9, 2012

Sean and Melody {Married! – Part 2}

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Today I am posting Part 2 of Sean and Melody’s fabulous Colorado Mountain Wedding at Deer Creek Valley Ranch. If you missed Part 1, check it out here.

On Tuesday I told the story of how this couple met and fell in love, and today we have the proposal story for you which is just as cute! This story actually begins the weekend before the big event when Sean went up to the mountains for a “guys weekend” but forgot his cell phone charger. He told Melody that he would call once a day but would have his phone off the rest of the time. Then on Sunday he texted her to say the driver of the group’s car battery had died. They were waiting for AAA but Sean wouldn’t be able to meet up that night as they had hoped. As it turns out, Sean was actually in New Jersey seeking Melody’s parents’ blessing to ask her to marry him! And the real reason for the delay: He was flying Southwest the weekend one of the tops ripped off a plane canceling many of their flights. It was an adventure finding a way to get back to Denver without it getting suspicious, but he pulled it off.

The following weekend, Melody was excited to go up to the mountains to ski just as they did every weekend of the winter. But then Sean got an ear infection (that part is true) and told Melody he went to see the ER doc he works with and was warned that he could not under any circumstances go skiing that weekend (that part is NOT true, but certainly believable). So Mel, begrudgingly, suggested a hike in lower altitude. They headed up to the mountains Saturday afternoon. Sean took Melody to a place they had been to once before that is chock full of lovely outlook spots. (He later told her that it was on the day of their previous hike there that he first vocalized to a good friend his desire to marry her).

So, they worked their way up the trails, totally happy, taking pictures, enjoying the day when they reached a pretty spot with a huge log. Sean invited Melody to sit next to him and opened his Camel Back. He pulled out the leather bound journal that he had given her two Christmases ago in which they wrote to each other for 9 months of long-distance. He had flagged a page with a poem he had written over a year ago about their unforeseen relationship and how it had become a thing of beauty. He proceeded to have her read an entry he wrote the day before about how much he loves her, the ways that she has made him grow, and the reasons he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. As she read, he knelt down on one knee. He asked. She said yes. Then she reached to hug him but was shaking so hard she nearly pushed them both off the side of the mountain!

They hiked back down where Sean had a change of clothes for both of them and dinner reservations in an hour. They made some phone calls and headed into an adorable little mountain town where they enjoyed a romantic dinner at a European restaurant. As they approached Mel’s apartment Sean kept checking his phone. She assumed there would be a few people waiting with champagne to say congrats, but instead was greeted with a surprise party of 40 friends and family. She was completely surprised! But the best part of it all was when their friends, Shane and Liz, handed Melody a present. She opened it up to find a framed picture of Sean down on one knee, putting the ring on her hand! Shane and his brother had stalked the couple and photographed the entire afternoon!!! As it turns out, Sean and Shane had driven up on Friday to plan and scout the whole thing out so it would be perfect.

Five whirl-wind months later, many of their friends and family gathered in beautiful Colorado for Sean and Melody’s dream wedding. It was such a perfect day and David and I felt so blessed to be apart of it. Sean and Mel, we are so happy to have gained such amazing friends and look forward to watching your relationship grow over the years.

To view more photos from the Wedding, click here to view the Slideshow!


Deer Creek Valley Ranch has horses right on the property. It’s an understatement to say I was excited.

These next 2 are some of my favorites. How GORGEOUS is this view??

These two should be models!

The yummy dessert table. All these treats were homemade by Sean’s mom!

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    Beautiful couple beautiful pictures!!! Loved the venue!

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