April 2, 2012

Parker {4 Months}

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Last Thursday our little boy was 4 months old! He really does get bigger every week and so much more fun. One of my favorite new things this month is he is now laughing out loud! When he did it for the first time (at a little over 3 months) David and I were sitting at the dinner table and I was holding him and he laughed at something David did. It surprised us both so much that we burst out laughing and then Parker kept laughing because we were laughing and it was pretty much one of the best, most fun things I’ve ever experienced. He is also a lot stronger now. He now rides in his stroller like a big boy and is able to hold his head and upper body upright. We are working on sitting up….so I am sure that will come in the next month or two. We had our Doctor’s appointment on Friday and he was 14 pounds 11 oz. and 26.25 inches (the 50% and 85% respectively)!!! They also told me we can start feeding him solid foods…geez I am going to blink and this baby is going to be a little boy.

We have had the loveliest Spring here in Colorado! Since March pretty much everyday has been sunny and warm. All the trees are blooming and we are just soaking it up and enjoying every minute. This weekend it was about 85 degrees, so we enjoyed some nice time hanging outside and snapped some pics of our little one.

Little P at 4 months old…

These two are my whole world.

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  1. Steph says:

    OMG I love him! Bring him to visit ASAP!!!

  2. Alyssa says:

    He is SO cute!

  3. karen says:

    He’s a little boy!!! Where did my baby go????

  4. Kathy Clark says:

    Hi Colby, David, and Parker!! Your Mom (Karen), and I just caught up with our lives–by e-mail!! You are so cute-Colby, as is your little boy Parker! Your husband-David-also looks adorable in all the pics I have seen with Parker!:). You just got my vote again-for best photographer–GOOD LUCK!! It sounds like you are doing well living in Colorado!! Your Mom just mentioned to me that you have bought a single family home. Congrats!! My daughter Pam–has just received her Doctoral Degree in Psychology–specializing in Marriage and Family therapy,and also works with pain patients! She just got a job in
    Spokane, WA. and she has a great guy in her life for the past 6 yrs–named Joe. So, my daughter is Dr. Pamela Clark-and found a
    really nice apt. for half of what you would pay if you lived here in Orange County, Ca. Much love to you and your family!!
    Always, Kathy and Tom Clark



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