February 29, 2012

Parker {3 Months}

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Happy Leap Day everybody! Today Parker is 3 months old, time really has gone by fast, I can’t believe it! He literally is growing up before our eyes and at times I want to slow it all down, but each phase gets more fun and exciting. It’s just amazing to see him learning about the world and understanding his own body and how to move and do certain things. He’s recently become interested in toys and will hold on to them and hug them, as well as try to suck on them. He will have a conversation with you…albeit in his own gibberish language, but the more you talk to him the more he “talks” back to you. And although the first time he rolled over was at 5 weeks, he is doing so much more regularly now. Our little guy isn’t so little anymore, he is in 6 month clothes and growing bigger every day. David and I are just trying to savor every minute and enjoy being parents. We knew it would be an amazing ride, but this is proving to be our best adventure yet.

Over the weekend we took some photos with Parker in his little bear suit. His G-Ma was in town visiting, so it was a perfect time to document him at 3 months old. Enjoy the pics!

I love this pic D took of me and Parker. And I love that smile.

These pics make me so happy.

G-Ma and Parker

I could kiss this face all day long.

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  1. Amy says:

    Obsessed with our little boys! They’re the best! He’s a such a doll…can’t wait to come and visit!

  2. karen says:

    These are fantastic!!!! He is the cutest!!!! Love the snowy background.

  3. Molly says:

    just incredible. I LOVE seeing that smile it is insane! Can’t wait to meet him soon. You guys look and seem so incredibly happy. the Lord has truly blessed you!

  4. Kristin says:

    Love love love him!
    PS I totally noticed you are back in your pre-pregnancy jeans. You look great!



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