May 30, 2012

Max and Emma {Engagement}

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Today I have a very fun couple and very cute engagement photos to share with you! Meet Max and Emma. We had a great time hanging out with these two and the photos that resulted are pretty awesome as well if I do say so myself! I am going to share with you how Max proposed to Emma, be prepared it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. And since I cannot do the story justice, here it is in Emma’s words…

It was about a week before our four year anniversary together and what girl wouldn’t want to know what the plan was. I casually asked what the plan was for our special day, Max’s response, “I have something planned, but don’t get your hopes up.” He knows me too well as often my hopes go way up.

On Friday October 28th, 2011, the day of our anniversary at around 4:00pm I started getting ready for whatever it might be that Max had planned because let’s be honest, I was excited. When Max got home from work my first question, “So, what’s the plan.” Max’s answer, “I told you not to get too excited…” When he had told me not to get my hopes up I didn’t think he was serious. Apparently he was because going out to dinner happens a lot in our household. We get in the car and head downtown and park at a meter. Max only puts in a quarter…that’s 15 minutes, enough time to maybe buy a hotdog from a stand, but I go with it. We walk to Coors Field, and Max says that we are going to find someone to take a picture of us in front of the stadium, so we stop a nice gentleman and he snaps a keeper. Max say’s, “Four years ago in 2007, the Rockies were in the World Series and we came up to Denver for the game and hung out together for the first time.” I’m thinking: oh how fun we are on a trip down memory lane, he did pull through. I’m not thinking: OMG he is going to propose tonight.

We get back to the car and drive down Broadway to park in front of Club 404, a dive bar. We had been to this bar once previously for an open mike night. The one thing I remember about the place was ordering a quesadilla, the meat in it could only be described as mystery meat, delicious. So I was hoping this wasn’t dinner. We walk in and order two shots of tequila. Max has the bartender snap what turned out to be yet another keeper. We head out and Max says, “in 2008 we graduated from college, this bar represents our mutual love for partying and having a good time, as well as Murph’s (a dive bar that was frequented in our college days).”

We then head across Broadway to the apartment where we first lived together and yes you guessed it snapped another photo. Max says, “In 2009 we moved in together.” I still have not caught onto where this was all going. I am at this moment thinking damn, Max is awesome.

We get back in the car and drive back downtown, park, and walk to Union Station. Max says we need to find another person to take a picture. He finds a young man who he thinks will be perfect and asks if he would mind taking a picture of us in front of the Station. So he takes one and Max asks him to take one more…and here it all goes. He turns to me, takes my hands and starts his speech which I will probably butcher because at this moment I knew where this was going mostly because he looked scared and his voice was shaking. He says, “In 2007, we started hanging out after coming up to see the Rockies in the World Series, it was then I knew we shared a love for sports or that you would at least support my love for sports. In 2008, we graduated from college and I realized our shared love for having a good time. In 2009 we moved in together for the first time and I discovered that you are the perfect roommate. In 2010, we traveled to Chili together and I realized the love for travel we share.” Then down to the knee he went and I think I blacked out, but am pretty sure he said will you marry me? I said yes.

Thanks to the young man that took some wonderful photos of the moment. We went back to the house and popped a bottle of delicious Champagne, shared the news with our dog Dale and cat Murphy, then headed out to dinner. It was the perfect night and now my hopes are always high when it comes to Max Green.

Max and Emma, we can’t wait for your wedding at the end of August. Enjoy these pics!

Love this moment.

My husband rocking out his mad skills below…

Emma, you are beautiful.

I love the next two…

Possibly my favorite.

And here are a few more from the second location…

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    Loved the last one in the road.

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    Awesome barn! Great session! 🙂



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