November 11, 2011

Luke and Jacqueline {Engagement}

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Happy Friday everyone!! It’s an especially exciting day for me, because not ONLY is it 11.11.11…but that just so happens to be David and my Anniversary! Our 6th anniversary as a matter of fact….I can’t even believe it, where does the time go?! In just 3 weeks (maybe less, maybe more….we are hoping less) we will have a baby boy together. This past year has been such a blessing to us in so many ways…now on to the post!

Today’s post has lots of color and is just straight up FUN! Christina and I met Luke and Jacque back in January and clicked with them right away. It wasn’t only our mutual love/obsession with Harry Potter that we had in common, but the relationship was just easy from the beginning. We shot their engagement session back in July at the Denver County Fair. This location could not have been more perfect for them…they are goofy, silly, love to have FUN and unique to any other couple we have met.

The story of how they met begins at the Spiderman 3 Premiere, in their own words, “It all began with with a cute boy with a great smile, and a girl who couldn’t stop looking. Jacque couldn’t help looking at Luke when he walked in to the Tinsletown movie theatre to view the midnight premiere of Spiderman 3. He was just too cute, or was he? That’s why she kept looking; she couln’t get a good enough look to determine how cute he was. And if it weren’t for Brandon Bustamante, Luke would have never noticed her looking back at him. Luke, too involved in his story-telling, didn’t see Jacque staring him down, but Brandon did. When Brandon finally told Luke that that blonde girl kept looking at him, Luke finally noticed and asked Jacque to come sit with him. Caught completely off guard, Jacque declined, but still couldn’t stop looking. Finally, after catching Jacque yet again, Luke asked her to meet him at the top of the stairs. She agreed. As she met him at the stairs, they hit it off right away. The rest was history as they say.”


To view more photos from the shoot, click here to view the Slideshow!

Since Luke and Jacque met at the premier of Spiderman 3, they donned Spiderman shirts for part of the shoot.

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    This is one of my favorites!!

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    Loooove this!!!

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