May 4, 2011

Guido and Kristin {Married Again! ~ Marsala, Sicily}

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You may recognize this couple, and you may also realize you already saw their wedding photos…that’s because this was Wedding number 2! We shot Kristin and Guido’s American Wedding here in Denver last August, but since Guido is from Sicily, it was only appropriate that they have an Italian Wedding Celebration as well! We were fortunate enough to be able to take part in this amazing event and witness the beautiful Italian Culture that surrounds marriage. Unlike their first wedding, this affair was smaller and more intimate. Guido and Kristin really wanted this event to focus on the Sicilian culture and traditions and to celebrate both their families coming together.

The wedding festivities took place in Marsala, Sicily–a beautiful coastal town in Sicily that is off the beaten track of tourists. Marsala is known for their wine and their production of sea salt. Because of this, parts of Marsala’s coasts are lined with salt mills–a distinct characteristic of the city. After starting the day off shooting some photos of the Bride and Groom in Marsala’s downtown square, we headed over to the salt mills for some more photos of the couple. This was followed by a traditional Italian Mass in their honor, and then we took a good chunk of the day to wander the streets of Marsala with Kristin and Guido’s families. As I said above, the couple really wanted this wedding to be more about family, so we snapped photos here and there capturing the ambiance and romance that is Marsala…and hopefully capturing the essence of the Gioberto and Constancio families. The celebration then continued with Pranzo Siciliano at Fior Di Sale which is located right on the water. Pranzo Siciliano is a Sicilian style lunch or a very, very long lunch. The couple’s families and close friends celebrated over an Italian feast. This included many, many courses of pasta, wine, desserts and of course what Sicily is known for, seafood!

So without further adieu, this post is LONG OVERDUE….enjoy the Italian Wedding Celebration of Guido and Kristin Gioberto!!! Guido and Kristin, we LOVE you guys!!!


To see more photos from the wedding, Click Here for a Slideshow!

Marsala’s main downtown Square

The distinct Salt Mills that line Marsala’s coast

Love this one!

We started the family photos in an Italian Cantina or as we call it, Wine Cellar

Then headed back to Marsala’s Square. There is so much history here, every nook and cranny was a beautiful photo opp! Here are the Bride and Groom with their parents.
The Guys…and the Gals.
The Constancio children

Love this candid one!
Pranzo Siciliano a Fior di Sale

Confetti…the traditional Italian Wedding Favor.
Enjoying food, friends and family!

Group shot to end the night!

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  1. Stephanie Miller says:

    What great pictures – and how fun that you got to go to Italy!!!

  2. Karen says:

    Loved all the shots of the family – you really captured the feel of their close knit families! Love the candid shot of Kristen and Guido and all the other beautiful scenery shots.

  3. Josh says:

    Italy? wow, that’s rad! Gorgeous!



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