June 23, 2010

Guido and Kristin {Engagement}

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I am especially excited about today’s blog post….why you ask? Because the photos below have a VESPA, need I say more??! Yes…apart from the total awesomeness that is the vespa there is Kristin and Guido, such a fun and awesome couple! I first met Kristin when I was her Rho Chi in college (for you non-Greek out there, that is basically a leader that takes around the new incoming Freshman to all the sorority houses on campus during RUSH). It just so happens Kristin pledged my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta!! Fast forward 6 years, Kristin got engaged, saw my photography on Facebook and now I am photographing hers and Guido’s wedding!

Kristin and Guido have a very special and particularly romantic story. Kristin was living in Torino, Italy getting her International Engineering Certificate. One day a mutual friend had arranged to meet Kristin in the game room of the Borsellino (her Collegio/dorm in Italy) and invited along his friend Guido–who spoke ZERO, ok a little (AKA 1 word, Yes) English. Kristin and Guido became close friends fast. At the time, both of them did not want a relationship, but you can’t plan when you will or will not fall in love. Guido claims that Kristin made the first move by asking him for his phone number, BUT Kristin claims she was just trying to meet friends in a country where she knew very few people. Either way, Guido and Kristin quickly became inseparable and after a couple of months their relationship became romantic. After knowing each other 4 months, and dating for only a month, it was time for Kristin to return to the states for a job. Kristin and Guido decided to try a long distance relationship and Guido made it clear they would not meet again for a year. Well this lasted all of 2 months. During this time they had “Skype Dates” where they would plan to watch movies together or have a glass of wine via Skype, how cute is that?! Well Guido’s original plan of being apart a year was a failure, after 2 and a half long months they decided to meet in Paris to celebrate both their birthdays. 2 more months after that and Guido came to America for his first time to be with Kristin on Christmas and New Years. By February, they realized they couldn’t fight against what was meant to be and Guido moved to Minnesota to be with Kristin. For good. The rest is history.

This shoot was so fun to do for so many reasons! I LOVE LOVE clients like Kristin! Together we had so much fun planning all the details of the shoot. When she first came to me and said, “So I was thinking about renting a vespa for our engagement shoot, what do you think?” I said, “YES PLEASE!!!!” From there we decided to incorporate one of the main themes of their wedding- bringing together their two different cultures: Italian and American. Which is so fitting and perfect for their unique love story. Kristin and Guido, I hope you love these photos as much as I do!! David and I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in August in Denver!!!


Click Here for a Slideshow!

Helmets can be dorky, but I think these two can pull them off!

They both look FIERCE!
For those of you that know me you know I love RED. Red cars, red clothes, red doors, red anything.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Wow, these are wonderful! I love the setting! Good scouting for location- red barn, barn with American Flag, and Colorado mountains in the background… so YOU and it looks like its SO perfect for the couple too!

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh I LOVE these. Soo cute with the Vespa and I love the story about how they met! So romantic!

  3. Jamye Jack says:

    I LOVE the sepia picture where he’s holding her legs on the Vespa. You have such a gift, Colby!!

  4. Fabio says:

    Immancabile birra Moretti, gustosa pizza, intramontabile Vespa (anche se il rombo di quella vecchia con le marce

  5. Cinzia says:

    Tutto bello,tutto perfetto,tutto nei minimi particolari…Complimenti ragazzi,…ottima scelta!!!
    Siete Fantastici!!

  6. karen says:

    Fantastic!!! Loved the ones in front or the barn and the one sitting in the middle of the street with the helmets and the mountains in the background.

  7. Orazio says:

    Magnifica coppia e magnifiche foto… a Mrs. Kristin auguro una vita di tolleranza e comprensione nei confronti del nostro italo-americano, mentre a Mr. Gioberto auguro di portare sempre in alto il vessillo dell’onore siciliano!

  8. ramiro says:

    thanks for telling the complete love story, I knew it only till Kristin’s return to USA.

  9. Leonardo says:

    WoW…sole, birra e tanta bella vita….complimenti al fotografo che ha provato a rendere carino Guido…ovviamente se non fosse stata presente Kristin ogni tentativo sarebbe stato vano :)….grandi ragazzi….vi voglio vedere sempre cos

  10. Jennifer says:

    These are beautiful! Good-looking subjects and amazing photography make for awesome pictures, right?!? Thanks for sharing.

  11. wendy says:

    such a cute engagement session. now i want to do some on our vespa too!!

  12. I LOVED doing this shoot, def one of my favs! Yes Wendy, I think your red vespa is just dying to make an appearance in photos! But only if I get to ride it first!

  13. Tiffany says:

    I love their story, and I love the pics! The vespa is so cute!

  14. Enzo says:

    Ma come siete belli!!!
    Belle anche le foto, mi piace l’ambientazione…la Vespa e la Moretti completano il capolavoro!
    Ciao Guidoooooooo, fai il bravo che adesso hai famiglia!

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