December 1, 2014


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I can’t believe it my little boy is 3!!! His birthday was this past Saturday, November 29th, and we had a great day just the three of us celebrating. The first thing Parker asked me when he woke up was “Can we go get our Christmas tree?!” A boy after my own heart. So we hit up a local tree lot by our house and after picking the perfect tree came home and trimmed it. Parker was ALL about decorating this year! He kept saying, “I need to put on the ormanents!!” The next day he woke up and said, “Mommy…I want it to be my REAL birthday again?!” So sweet.

The weekend before we had a great time celebrating with all our friends and family at CAMP PARKER. It was a great day and a fun party. My parents even flew in from CA for it! We are so lucky to have such great friends, neighbors and family who helped us celebrate our little boy! Here are some photos from the party…I’ll post some 3 year old photos of Parker soon.

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  1. Susie Skelly says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday Parker! What a fun party, great theme, decor was so creative and I loved the cake. Are the pine cones and acorns edible?

  2. […] Monday I posted some photos from Parker’s Birthday Party and today I wanted to show you all some photos of our big boy at 3 years old. I try to make a point […]



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