July 14, 2011

Baby Bump: 20 Weeks…IT’S A BOY!!!

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Today we had the most AMAZING experience of getting our 20 week ultrasound and seeing our sweet little baby!! They told us pretty much right away, “Oh, It’s a BOY!”, apparently he wasn’t shy about it. David and I are beyond thrilled, we suspected it was a boy, but it is so great to know for sure now. We obviously would have been happy either way since we want both eventually, but we are so excited about having a little BOY!!! During the ultrasound he was moving around a TON, and it was just so cool and AMAZING to think that is our son growing inside my tummy. The whole experience was absolutley wonderful and indescribable at the same time. I feel SO blessed and fortunate to have experienced it all and with David by my side the whole time.

Now our next task….thinking of names! For the time being, we have been calling him Sweet Baby James. This is because when we were in the London airport I was listening to James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James”, this was before I knew I was pregnant, but I had a suspicion that I had my own Sweet Baby James growing inside me….

How we told people it was a boy: “Jackson and Tucker are excited to announce they are having a little brother!”

Our little boy’s sweet profile.
It is CLEAR here…It’s a BOY!

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  1. susie skelly says:

    Congratulations on the news that’s it’s a boy. Scuppers & Skylar (Our Labs) LOVED the baby announcement and thought it was very very clever. XOXO Susie, Shaun, Scuppers & Skylar Skelly

  2. Stephanie Miller says:

    So excited – I can’t wait to meet him!!!

  3. Melissa Carpenter says:

    Ahhhh! I’m so excited for you guys! I can’t wait to hold the little feller. We love you both!

  4. Karen says:

    It’s a boy! Great now you don’t have to take all those clothes back and can take off the tags!!! :o)



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