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Steve + Tina
SoCal Engagement

Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0001 Hey everyone, after a small hiatus from blogging, I am back. The end of 2016 was crazy busy finishing up weddings, engagements and a large number of family sessions on top of finding out I was pregnant with baby #3 (and SO SICK) and the business that the holidays bring. After taking some time to get caught up and have some time for rest I thought it was about time I started blogging all these great sessions I've shot. Back in November David and I were in SoCal and had the pleasure of shooting Steve and Tina's engagement shoot. The light was yummy and the couple couldn't have been cuter! We had such a great time with these two and I think their love is very evident in the photos. Steve and Tina we can't wait to shoot your wedding this April at the Heritage Museum. Happy Wednesday y'all! Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0002Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0003Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0004Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0005Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0006Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0007Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0008Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0009Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0010Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0011Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0012Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0013Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0014Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0015Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0016Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0017Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0018Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0019Colby_Elizabeth_Photography_0020