March 7, 2013

Scott + Caroline // Engaged (Part 1)

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Today’s couple is BEYOND cute! We took their engagement photos last November and I’ve been dying to share them with you ever since. David and I were lucky enough to have a gorgeous backdrop for this shoot, this is the home and property of our friend Sarah from Sarah Hill Photography. Yes she actually lives here…lucky duck!

Scott and Caroline’s love story reminds me a little bit of David’s and mine. They met Freshman year in college and from then on out that was it for them. I’ll let them tell the story in their own words:

Scott: Welp, now that I’m really looking back on how all of this started, trying to explain our story to anyone who might read it, I’m realizing how funny, random, and almost ridiculous the beginning to “Scott and Caroline” really was. I moved into Edwards Hall on campus at CSU on August 20th, 2009, looking forward to being single in a new state and at a new school, completely ready to just be on my own and do my own thing. I was excited, I was in all my teenage glory, I had dreadlocks, and I was gonna rock ‘n roll my way through CSU. And that’s exactly how it was…for 6 days.

Caroline: I remember the first time I saw Scott at church, he was sitting in the row behind me and I thought he was the most attractive man I had ever seen. He had dreadlocks at the time, and being from Parker, CO, I hadn’t seen many people like that. I thought he was way older than me though so I just sort of shook it off.  Then I went to a YoungLife BBQ later that week and lo and behold he was there!  I was sitting with some girls and he came over to strike up a conversation with us. We ended up trading popsicles and eventually trading numbers.

Scott:  The first encounter that I had with Caroline at that BBQ was with her laugh. It was gorgeous…all cute and lively, and you could tell that whoever was making that laugh was the kind of person who was used to laughing a lot.  And I turned around…and there she was. Infatuation at first site, baby.   I don’t think I left her presence for the rest of the evening and I remember going home that night realizing that I was already hooked on a girl, 6 days into being in Colorado.  I remember calling my mom, as giddy as an 18 year old boy can be, saying “Mom I met a GIRL!” So much for wanting to be single in college.

Caroline: A few days later I saw him and some friends playing volleyball while I was playing lacrosse, and I slowly made my way over there. We ended up eating lunch in the dorms with a bunch of people and I remember loving every minute of it. The next day I invited him and some friends to Horsetooth Reservoir and made them all swim in the freezing water. We played Catch Phrase and laughed a lot. I knew that this boy would be one of my good friends for a long time.

Scott: I think the moment I knew my feelings for her weren’t going to leave was when she introduced me to her family, and I was introduced as her “friend.” Friend?! Come on now…I knew that I wanted to be more than that, and it was the next day in the car ride back to Fort Collins that we first ‘defined the relationship’. I was a nervous individual…but she told me that she liked me too! Heck yes.

Caroline: The next day he wrote me a song and asked me to be his girlfriend. I’m pretty sure I cried when he sang it to me.

Scott: Since then, I have only ever had eyes for Caroline, and my feelings for her grew from liking her, to really liking her, to falling in love, to being completely in love, and finally to knowing that there is nothing else I want more for my life than to live it with her.  She’s the single greatest gift that God has ever given me, and it’s cool to look back now and see how He orchestrated it all. It had to be Him…too crazy to have been anything else, and I love knowing that each of us was DESIGNED with the other in mind.

Caroline: Throughout our relationship there have been countless dance parties in my dorm room, piggy-back rides across the Intramural Fields, fun dinners in Old Town, trips to Parker to see my family, road trips to Texas, good conversations, challenges, misunderstandings, hiking adventures, and ice cream dates. We first held hands at Rollerland, first kiss was a year later in a beautiful park, engaged at City Park on April 24th and got married on December 30th!  It’s been the best adventure I could’ve ever dreamed of!  I wish I could hold every moment in a box, but I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and my love.

Scott: To sum up, I feel like no matter what else is or isn’t given to me in life, God has given me more than I could have ever asked for in Caroline. 


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