December 6, 2013

Ryan + Natasha // Orange County Engagement

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Wow, it’s been awhile since I blogged some photos, blame it on all the Holiday shoots! Since it has been around 0 degrees for the past 3 days, I thought I would post these warm, beachy photos so we can live vicariously through them and pretend we are in sunny So. Cal! I have been wanting to post this adorable Engagement Session for quite some time, and posted this Glimpse back in August. But yay! finally time to post all the cuteness that is Ryan and Natasha. We shot their engagement session in Newport Beach, CA and they are getting married next May in Kansas City.

When I asked Natasha to share with me the story of how her and Ryan met, she said, “Colby, it’s not a cute romantic story, it started with a bottle of tequila and me hating him.” I told her the real stories are more fun anyway and now she had really peaked my interest! The story of how Ryan and Natasha met, in Natasha’s words:

“It was definitely not love at first sight. I had just moved to California from Kansas 6 weeks before and a girl I met wanted to set me up on a blind date with her boyfriend Justin’s friend (Ryan). So they had been talking up Ryan, saying how sweet and how great of a guy he was but things did not get off to the best start. We met at a bar…so classy! Apparently Ryan was nervous (which he denies) about meeting me so he decided to drink some tequila and then come to the bar. By my surprise the first thing out of his mouth was asking ME to buy HIM a drink. Now I was a poor college student trying to adjust to OC living, so needless to say I was a little annoyed, especially when he ordered a $12 drink. Then he proceeds to ask me to dance, and I told him “sure let me finish my drink.” So he took my drink, chugged it, slammed it down and say, “Lets go!” Of course this whole time Justin and my friend were mortified that he was acting like this. As if that wasn’t enough, Ryan storms off and leaves the bar…it was not the best first impression of Cali men.

Apparently, Ryan woke up the following day and feeling like a jerk he texted me apologizing for his behavior and asking to make up for it with a date. At the time my phone wasn’t receiving text messages so I never got this, so I go on with life annoyed that he never apologized. A week or so later my friend and I see Ryan and Justin at a bar and after we realized the misunderstanding he asked me out on a date and immediately I realized that Justin was right that Ryan is a sweet, shy, really good guy. His behavior that night was so uncharacteristic! Regardless, I don’t think I’ve allowed Ryan to drink tequila since!”

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