December 18, 2013

Parker Turns 2! // Part 1

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On November 29th my little Parker Douglas turned 2 years old!!! I can’t even believe it because in some ways it seems like I just had him or we were just celebrating his 1st birthday party…and here he is…TWO! In no way, shape or form is he a baby anymore. He is a little boy. Full of energy, joy and SO MUCH personality. He loves “Doggies”, especially his big brothers Jackson and Tucker, horses and pretty much all animals. Anyone who knows him knows about his obsession with lights, and his most recent favorite THE MOON! David and I think he is destined to be an engineer as he is a wizard at figuring out locks, doors, puzzles, anything mechanical and is a great problem solver and can sit patiently IF he is trying to figure out how something works or goes together. He definitely did not get that from me! He continues to love blocks and building things…maybe he will opt to be an Architect over an Engineer and follow in his Daddy’s footsteps! His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and has a crush on Daisy Duck. This boy keeps me on my toes constantly, he never stops moving and loves to run, climb and play with all his friends. He has such an outgoing, HAPPY and infectious personality, I don’t think I have ever seen him be “shy”. I really pray this is something he won’t grow out of and will hold with him the rest of his life.

Little Parker P, you are the LIGHT of our lives, we LOVE you! Happy TWO YEARS!

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