September 4, 2015

Deacon John // 6 Months

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When our little DJ turned six months I told David, “ok for real we need to take some photos.” Other than the photos I posted at 4 months when we were in California, I have been awful about taking photos of this little guy and he is growing up before my eyes! I guess that’s what happens when you have more than one kid. 😉

A lot has happened in month six. He weighs 17 pounds (39%) and is 27.5 inches long (84%). Prior to this he dropped down to the 16% in weight, the poor guy wasn’t getting enough to eat! Once we fixed that he overall seems like a happy camper. We’ve hit a good groove and he is content and happy most of the time. He sleeps like a CHAMP…maybe even rivaling his brother in the “good sleeper” department. What can I say, my boys like their sleep and for that I am SO grateful. Being the little brother he never wants to miss a thing. It’s hard to even feed him because he’s so concerned with what Parker is doing or what is going on around him. He has started sitting up on his own but is still a bit unstable. He isn’t crawling yet but I don’t think he is far off. He manages to wriggle himself across the room in a couple of minutes! He is grabbing at everything and they go straight in his mouth. Probably because he is on the verge of getting his top two teeth, I can see them ready to break through, any day now….

Here are some photos of Deacon taken at six months (he is close to seven months now!) as well as some pics of the entire family. Parker is three and 3/4 here, closely approaching four. He started preschool recently and LOVES it. Where does the time go??

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