July 15, 2015

Deacon John // 5 Months

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Deacon John is 5 months old and getting quite the personality!! This baby has gone from a little lump that just sleeps and cries to a little interactive person. He loooves Mommy and smiles whenever he sees me, which is kind of fun for me since Parker didn’t have a particular affinity for me. Don’t get me wrong, Parker loved me but he loved everyone it seemed! DJ doesn’t NOT like certain people and is pretty content to go to anyone, but right now I am his favorite and I don’t mind. He also loves to give open mouthed kisses…he’ll grab your head with two hands and pull you in for one!! He’s also become very enamored with his big brother who is turning into quite the sweet and loving brother. He is never resentful when I say that I need to feed or take care of Deacon instead of meeting his current need and is SO happy to make him laugh or entertain him.

At exactly 5 months, July 9th, he got his second tooth (the bottom left middle). Also, he has started to have more of a “real” laugh. More than just happy coos but little, sweet happy laughs. This month he has continued to go down in weight from the 57% to 24% to 16%. I have a feeling he may not be getting enough food from me and it may be time to supplement with some formula as he always does act a bit hungry and never quite full.

Overall we are pretty smitten with this little guy and love the dynamic he brings to our family. In true second time mom fashion I didn’t take any photos of him with my real camera this month, so these iPhone photos from the splash pad will have to do.

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