April 9, 2015

Deacon John // 1-2 Months

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Well having two kids is NO JOKE. Let’s be real here…from about three weeks on this has been hard. I knew going into having another kid that it was inevitably going to be harder because Parker was the easiest newborn EVER. Not to mention this time around I not only would have a new baby but also a three-year old toddler to wrangle. But let’s rewind a bit…

The first three weeks were cake. It was actually Parker that was the difficult child. Deacon was a great nurser from the get go. Right away in the hospital he knew what he was doing and I knew what I was doing, which helped immensely. He gained weight and was fast and efficient with eating. He started sleeping through the night at ONE WEEK OLD! Which was a week earlier than his brother. I thought I have been blessed with another angel baby! He barely ever cried.

Then after week three things changed big time. He became very colicky and fussy and not only that we started to hear painful cries. He would scream and NOTHING we did would console him. Honestly it’s such a helpless and frustrating feeling to hear your baby screaming and all you want to do is get them to STOP, but you can’t. Through all this he was still a good sleeper but getting him to go down, or even to keep him from crying a good part of the day took finesse. Lots of bouncing, shushing and rocking. Adjusting to life with two kids has been hard. I definitely had moments of “I. Can’t. Do. This.” I have had several breakdowns in the parking lot of Target after trying to grocery shop with both kids, it’s crazy how such a normal day to day activity can become so challenging.

Around six weeks the Dr. prescribed medication for acid reflux. This definitely changed things a lot. DJ is still a fussy baby that likes to be held but at least now he can be consoled which was a game changer. Granted most nights David has to hold him while we eat dinner or he will just fuss but we have both gotten pretty good at doing things one handed!

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